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The Experience

Elevated Education

South Puget Sound Community College is the gateway for many students graduating in Thurston County – and due to programs like ‘Running Start’, many high school students are able to knock out their General Education requirements prior to entering their first year of college. SPSCC is an integral part of our community and higher learning here in the South Sound, which makes the Foundation’s scholarship fundraising efforts vital to our community’s educational growth.

The Harvest Moon's Makeover

Prior to 2013, ‘Harvest Moon’ (as it was formerly named) was successful, but in need of a revamp.  The entire Foundation board knew they needed to mix it up, strain it, and maybe even add an olive or two.

The following year, ‘Harvest Moon’ became ‘The Experience’. After the construction of SPSCC’s  ‘Building 22’, a large multi-purpose building with vaulted ceilings, an idea sprung for a Cirque Du Soleil themed event.

The Experience at SPSCC with Dr Stokes
The Experience at SPSCC Trapeze Mermaid

Cirque du Change
(Choreographing Change)

 It was all hands on stage to pull it off this acrobatic theme – including a few engineers to ensure Bldg. 22 could support our ideas – literally….aerialists hanging from the ceilings pouring champagne for guests. Now that’s a head rush!

Mimicking Magic

Not much of the original event remained after the initial transformation except for the Foundation’s  purpose: to execute an event that the guests look forward to every year. The committee values a new guest experience each year  – and I still have new tricks up my sleeve.

From mermaids to magicians, SPSCC’s ‘The Experience’ has become one of the most anticipated Fall events of the year.

The Experience at SPSCC with Valerie
Valerie Fluetsch | Event Planning Specialists, LLC