“This event is absolutely thrilling: the energy of the night itself, the detailed organization, the welcoming crew always ready to make you feel at home. The pre-event planning was perfectly organized with Skype calls and impeccable oversea meetings. The catering company perfectly interpreted our menu and prepared it for 600 guests with the same professionalism and caring as if it was for 20 people. During the event, the team solved any problem within seconds. I would do it all over again!”

Eataly Brasil

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“Valerie, you were professional and thorough, but fun! You kept our family on task and on budget so the whole wedding process for me was stress free. I was able to take part in all the fun stuff without any worries because you took charge and took care of everything. Even the wedding day itself, I was able to enjoy in its entirety! When there was a challenging vendor issue you accepted the information calmly and found another way to better satisfy us. In other words DAMN! You’re good, girlfriend!!”

Mother of the Bride

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At Event Planning Specialists, LLC, our top priority is providing clients with a quality, profitable, professional event. We understand that clients may become overwhelmed by the choices and time involved in planning an event. A business may not have the staff or time to organize their own functions, or may need assistance with a particular event component. Perhaps your event needs a fresh idea to increase revenue. We can help and we have a proven track record of success.